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Original story - Sep 2016: Freyja is an approximate 7 yo female who came to rescue as a stray from a local shelter. She had been clipped by a car but x-rays show no broken bones. She is recovering from cuts, scrapes and bruises. She is about 50 lbs, tail docked, dews off, spayed, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. Freyja gets along well with other dogs but will curl her lips if others try to steal her food. She is currently in a house with 4 males and another female and she will play some with all. She is a bed hog that snores and she likes to carry around items like shoes but does not try to tear them up. She will settle on a dog bed but the couch is much better. She will still do some limping after play so not quite ready to do long distances. She is on meds for spay incontinence but it could also have been due to the car hitting her so we will keep her on it for a couple of months and then taper back to see if the issue is resolved. If not, the meds run about $30 per month at the highest dose and we hope we can taper that back some too. She likes to go on walks and does not pull too bad on leash but she wants to smell everything so wanders side to side. She is unknown with cats and I do not have kids in my home. Are you her snuggle buddy?
Update Sep 16th: Freyja likes to play with other dogs but guards her food and toys. Given this she might be best as an only dog. We have not had any confrontations but the other dogs have not "engaged her" or paid attention to her low growl. They also have not tried to steal her food or toy. She needs a fenced yard and will dig if left to her own devices.

Oct 2016: Maggie found her forever home with Deanna in ID. She is learning all about relaxing by the fireplace, playing chase with mom, and fetching tennis balls in the yard. She also is mastering cats 101 and doing well. She is not quite ready for them to curl up with her as she is more unsure of them than they are of her. She also has two GSP friends who come to visit and they have begun to accept her as the new queen of the castle.

Dec 2016: Just a couple pics of Maggie moving in on the cats... or their bed at least. I found out this morning that Maggie really does not like the cold. I did have a jacket on her but it was just too cold. Will have to start walking or after work when it's a little warmer.

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