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Original story: Maize is a 10-yr old purebred vizsla, b. 10/22/2000 and reportedly purchased from a "breeder back east" but her papers have been lost. She was released to rescue when her most recent owner moved away and couldn't take her. Maezi was allowed to sleep in the bed, has been hunted and loves water and especially fishing. She will dive under water to retrieve. She is good with other dogs, we are working on crate training while in foster care and she likes people. While she is okay with kids, we would prefer not to place her in a home with young kids because of her age. She is not good with cats.

Jul 2011: Maezi found the perfect retirement home with Larry & Joy who have human kids, an Italian greyhound named Jasper and homes in the city and the mountains. Maezi's city hom even includes a swimming pool which is perfect for Maezi who sometimes appears to be half fish the way she takes to water. She went for a sleepover and stayed for life.

Dec 2012, Joy & Larry write: Just to let you know, Maisy is doing great. She is the sweetest dog in the world. The vet office calls her Miss Maisy. She is, however, quite the bed hog and is not what you would call a "morning person". She loves to go to McCall and chase her squirrel friends. She has been a great addition to the family.

Dec 2014, Larry writes: Just to let you know that Crazy Miss Maisy May is still going strong, albeit a little more slowly these days. Happens to us all. She continues to be my co-pilot everywhere I go with her head out of the window, ears flapping in the wind. Stills runs in the mountains like crazy but it usually takes her an extra day to recover. Maisy May and I are aging about the same. I still remember the first day she came over, walked in the house, jumped on the couch, looked at me and said, “looks like I’m home”. Now the Italians, the whippet, and the full Greyhound make her nuts at times but they all know who the Matriarch is. Could never have asked for a better bet. I would trade her habit of opening the garbage refrigerator and going to town. Still do not know how she put away 5 pounds of stuffing but she did.

Feb 2015, Larry writes: It is with deep sadness that I tell you that we had to put Maisy down last week due to advanced lymphoma. She will be dearly missed and I only hope that she thinks her last years were her best. I will soon be looking for another co-pilot as my truck feels empty without her in it. She was the sweetest girl. Please visit Maezi at The Bridge.

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