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Maddie is a sweet little firecracker born 9/2000. She was owner released to us as a dog with too much energy and needing too much attention. She is small at under 40 lbs, tailed docked, dews off, solid red coat. She has an AKC pedigree but was never registered. She was raised around kids, dogs, and ferrets. She is a face licking professional and master couch and bed cuddle pro. Maddie needed a job and Michele in Kansas City had the perfect job in mind -- a service dog. Maddie hopped a plane 3/18 to meet her forever mom and become gainfully employed. Michele is working with a professional trainer to teach Maddie to pick up things, work with her wheelchair, and a hundred other things. Michele reports that Maddie is very smart, full of attitude, and is already doing well in crowds, the office, and going everywhere with her as a dog in training. Michele on the other hand is working hard to become the leader of her pack -- you go girls!!!

Special thanks to Jim Baechtold, her new trainer, and Meghan Tallman for the referral and approval to place Maddie in MO.

Dec 2004, Michele writes: I am enclosing a fun picture of Maddie and I looking out of her dog door together. When she is frightened we do this to reassure her all is well.

Mar 2011, Michele writes: Maddie & I will be together 9 yrs in March. Hard to believe. She is well and we are still joined at the hip. Iíve included pics and you can get some off the website. Lov ya all Michele & Maddie. (To learn more about about Maddie's journey with Michele visit her at Michele-Able.com.)

Jan 2012: New pictures added to photo gallery.

Dec 2012: Rebecca, so good to hear from you. Maddie is over 12 now but still hanging in there. We will have been together 11 years this coming March. I have never regretted having her. Love you endlessly. Keep up the good work.

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