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Luke was turned in at about 8 mos of age to the shelter because his people were moving. He was adopted in Nov. and was brought back 12/24 as being too hyper. We picked him up two days ago and about 10 mos old. We wish Luke could tell us his story as he has a variety of scars on him hidden under his hair and he is missing part of one of his ear flaps. It could be he met dogs that did not like puppies but it is not him that would cause a fray as far as we can see. He is a pure V and will be a bigger boy at 23" and 55-60 lbs, tail docked, dews off, a total ball of energy, very social with dogs large and small, very social with all people, unknown with cats. His #1 problem is lack of training, no routine, and no manners. He needs someone who can provide lots of exercise and lots of consistent, positive training. He is not happy and vocal when crated but since he is not reliable in the house -- he will be crate trained. He is a total lover but may be too much for an older dog that does not appreciate boundless energy.

Mar 18, 2008 update: Luke is a delightful boy that has a bit of a stubborn streak. He is a very happy guy that is eager to learn. Luke will need a home with an experienced owner that will set the rules and make sure that Luke understands them. He loves to play with his toys and loves to run. He is good in the house once he settles down, he does need to be watched as he will counter surf and he does chew a bit and will play keep away with items he picks up. He is crate trained, housebroken, learning to be good on a leash and is wonderful in the car. Luke will need work learning to live with cats as he likes to chase them around the house. All of these behaviors are quite workable and with gentle and consistent training will be a wonderful companion. Luke is good with other dogs and at his young age has already begun to show interest in birds. He will bark at the horses but with a sharp "leave it" will move away, in time he will learn to be comfortable around them.

April 2008: Luke finally found his forever home with Royce and Sylvia where he is little bratty brother to Odie, companion to all and hunting buddy to Royce. His new name is "Duty" to go with his new life!

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