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Luka's story... where to start? Luka came into rescue as Buddy. He was shipped to Vancouver BC from a puppy mill in Iowa (yes, we mean puppy mill... which in this case sells 20+ breeds of dogs, always has puppies available, will ship to anyone no questions asked and doesn't have a clue or care where any of their dogs end up). He started out okay in his new home with a puppy kindergarten class but at 18-mos found himself needing a new home because his owner traveled often and he spent far too much time in boarding kennels. Luka spent a couple of months in foster care with Andrea in Seattle but came to Boise after he got in trouble for being a bit too mouthy in some situations. We found him to be a mouthy teenager but otherwise a great dog with wonderful focus and no dog has ever had a better recall for trail hiking than Luka!

Jenny fell in love with Luka on his first visit to the vet where she also worked. Honestly, every trainer/agility person he meets loves him. He is however a bit too intense for the average dog owner. Jenny wasn't in a position to adopt him but took him hiking in the foothills whenever possible. We're not sure who loved who more... Luka or Jenny... but in October, Luka's dream came true in November when Jenny was finally able to adopt him permanently. Luka definitely has an angel on his shoulder.

Sep 21, 2010: Luka's dark past finally overtook him and at barely 5 years old he had to be euthanized after a bite incident. All the behavior modification in the world can't always fix what is broken but we are grateful for the time Luka chose to spend with us and hope to see him down the road. Visit Luka at the Rainbow Bridge page.

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