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Lucy, known to AKC as Nut My Dog Larsen, was given to a new family as her hunt drive was not high enough nor her point steady. She was born 1/16/2004 and had one litter of puppies (Bogey, Bob, Blaze, Stoli). Lucy is a high energy chewer who loves to play. In her prior home she was around young children. Her new favorite buddy in the world is Riley. They sleep in a pile, play for hours, and run round and round and round. The pair also redecorated the house so now are going to spend time in the shop which is a heated dog proof room. Enjoy your pair of young V's -- and remember humor is everything!

June 2005, Sandee writes: I take both Riley and Lucy on a run with me every night. We run 2.25 miles! I didn't realize how strenuous it is running with a dog, let alone two! My goal is 3 miles with the both of them, but we all are working up to it. I think Riley and Lucy get a pretty good workout. Their tongues are down to the ground when we get home. Riley and Lucy are such a joy!

Spring 2008: Tragedy in the form of a terrible drowning accident took Lucy during a regular outing with Sandra & Riley. It is sad to lose a dog so full of life and we can only believe Lucy chose her time and place for reasons only she will ever know.

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