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Lucy is a 2-4 yo female that came to rescue from a shelter. She has a docked tail, dews off, 45 lbs, 22-23" tall. Animal Control has an abuse case pending against the former owners for taking her 5 miles from home and slowing down the car just enough to toss her out. She was apparently kept as a kennel dog so is learning house manners. She is shy with other dogs at first but is learning to play well. She is devoted to humans and is truly a velcro girl to the extreme -- can you say "bathroom buddy"? She is learning crate training and is doing well. If left in the yard she has a tendency to dig or try to get out to run. She is not a big barker. She is a too thin but gaining. It is possible she has been hunted and seems to have a good nose and the quail at the back of the yard drive her crazy. Lucy needs obedience training and a home that can teach her about life in a house. I do not have children or cats so cannot tell you if she would be good in these situations. She does not show any tendency to nip or even be mouthy with hands. She will snatch food off a plate in reach, is protective of a bone with the other dogs, but does not guard her food dish.

Her new mom writes: "This dog is such a joy! She is settling in well and even Sally, the 16 yo V, seems to think she is OK, but eats much too slowly. Her vet visit went well even for the cat who scared her to death by jumping down next to her. She is meeting neighbors and soon will see if she likes the neighborhood kids. She does not like tall men in baseball caps, but in Summit style, I am sure she will re-learn that life is grand and not scary." Enjoy life California style, we miss our sweet bathroom buddy girl!!

Sep 2003: Check out the beautiful dog little Miss Lucy has turned into!

Mar 2005: Auntie Reb: No matter what Julie and Kathryn say, here is proof that I did NOT eat all the tulip bulbs this year! (new photo)

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