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Luciano Pavadoggi is a little bit of a special needs dog... then again, we think he's just plain special! He was adopted from the original owner in Oct. 2001 (see Loki & Thor under success stories). Luci was called Loki and he is a pet store dog whose hip is either malformed or was injured when he was very young. The hip was x-rayed and the doc says mother nature did a great job fixing it and he needs no surgery. It does not slow him down at all and he runs and plays like a normal dog. Luci is a small male at 42 lbs, house trained, crate trained, neutered, micro chipped and current on shots, AKC papers born 5/3/2000.

Luci loves to prance around with stuffed toys and he almost smiles when he does it. He is such a verbal boy, thus the name. He really loves to play and be on the bed and couch. He knows sit, down, kennel, up, outside, speak, off, and drop it. His flaws are that he is a destroyer of toys and will also take things off the counter.

Update Sept 02: Mandie and Russ report that Luci is now named Lucky, and they are lucky to have found such a great dog. Their first experience with a rescue beagle from a research facility was quite hard and made them a bit leery of a second rescue dog. But Lucky has made himself right at home and has proved to be a perfect match. Zach came home from a summer visit with his grandparents to find his new buddy waiting for him. And in typical V fashion, the dog who was not going to sleep in the bed, is now Zach's pillow buddy and foot warmer. We hope we can say that Mr. Loki Luci Lucky is now home forever.

Oct 02: "Rebecca, thank you for this great dog we love him more than you will ever know!!" (It does appear that Lucky has finally found his forever home.)

Dec 03: New pictures added.

June 04: Lucky really hit the jackpot this month when he got a new little brother named Stout! New photos in the gallery.

Oct 2005: This summer Stout & Lucky opened their very own daycare in Eugene OR so if you are ever in the neighborhood please stop in and give 'em a butt wiggle. Find out more at Lucky Dog Day & Night Care and don't forget to stop in and say Hi!

Aug 2007: Stout & Lucky's family grew by one more when Mandie adopted Susie, a high energy German shorthaired pointer.

June 2008: In early June, Lucky suddenly went limp with pain and could not walk. They found a burst disc in his back. It was determined that surgery would not help and Lucky is slowly regaining use of his legs but the diagnosis required an MRI and supportive care for a week. After a week he's back home and slowly recovering.

July 2008, Mandie writes: I wanted to update all of you on a couple of things. First and foremost Lucky has made tremendous progress. Although at times (like today) for the couple steps we take forward, we take a step back. We (Stout, Susie and I) have been gradually increasing exercise and as you can tell in the last photo he is doing great. Keeping his balance has been the most challenging, especially at times when he is so excited that someone is walking in the door. His appetite is good, is better at name recognition and still follows me into the bathroom :) typical V behavior. We will be doing a follow-up visit with the Neurologist in Portland in a couple of weeks. So far so good! Thank you to all of you for your support.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Lucky with his new family.

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