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Original story, Aug 2019: Louie is an approx 16-18 week old puppy that the mom apparently rejected and bit him in the face so he is blind in the right eye. We picked him up in August from a family who saved him from the breeders, who are inhumane. They were going to leave him to die on the garage floor and their friends who have fostered dogs for shelters took him home.

Their vet said he had about 24-48 hours to live. They hand fed him and did body massages and cuddled him and slept with him and got him up and walking and he turned around. He had two chi-wa-wa's in his foster home to play with and a very tolerant cat who allowed him to chase her a few times a day, she always had an escape tree.

Louie has a natural tail, undocked, and he has one dew claw that is on and the other is off. We think they probably tried to remove the dews claws themselves and took them off with nail clippers instead of taking them to the vet for a proper removal and tail dock. He is a happy dog who loves a blue rubber toy and tossing it and chasing. In foster care he is playing with 3 other Vizsla big boys.

Sep 2019: Louie was adopted by Don in AZ. He joins an extended family with lots of Vizsla to play and learn to hunt with. He is also gets to be a dental office assistant from time to time. Louieā€™s eye did not improve and so they made the decision to remove his eye but the change has certainly not stopped our boy from enjoying life to the fullest.

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