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Original story - May 2011: Louie is a handsome young vizsla mix - about 18-mos old. He has a natural tail and is too thin but should fill out quickly with proper care. He is very interested in everything and a nice, gentle guy.... not a galloping dingbat.
Jun 2011: Louie was found as a stray in UT and initially thought to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Through some expert eyes he was later identified as a Vizsla mix. After being rescued by Utah's Perfect Pointers, he eventually made his way into foster care with 3 resident Vizslas and a GSP. Our best guess is Louie is likely a vizsla mixed with pit/boxer/??? but he has the slender body type of the vizsla. He gets along well with all the dogs he has met. He just loves receiving attention from people and is a happy boy. He bowls his way around and is just a clown at heart. We would not place him with small children due to his energy and size. Louie's foster mom reports he has to be the funniest guy they've fostered. For all the changes he’s had in his life, you wouldn’t even know it, especially when he often sleeps belly up on the couch. His nickname is "Louie the Clown".

Aug 7, Bev writes: Just anote to tell you we are enjoying Louie immensely. We bought him a few more toys. He responds so well to what we want him to do and is just a delight in general and is a silly guy. He is in control of play time when he is done he is done. We feel like we've had him longer than a few days and already love him dearly. Thank you so much. You can tell he has had good care he is trusting and loving.

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