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These two 16-mo old boys were purchased from a pet store in Las Vegas, they have AKC papers. The original pup just did not walk right and a vet determined he was born without the hip socket. The store got the owner another dog and asked him to return the defective dog but when he asked what would happen to it they told him it would be destroyed. He could not do that so told them to ask the supplier if he could keep both dogs. Loki was born 5/3/2000 and goes on 3 legs for the most part. Thor was born 5/23/2000 and is healthy. They are housetrained, kennel trained, crate trained. Thor is the dominant of the two. Both have stayed with the owner's sister with 3 kids and have no problem with children.

Update 2002 - Bonni found that having 2 teenage dogs and being a single mom was too much. She asked that we find Luci a new home and in April he came to Salt Lake for foster care with Karen & Allie & family. They found Luci to be about the best dog a person could want and not at all hampered by his hip. Brutus stayed with Bonni in NV. She reports that he is doing well as an only dog.

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