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Logan came into rescue after being adopted, along with his brother Dante, from an ID shelter. The family who adopted them as a pair found that two males the same age from the same litter were one too many dogs... especially in a family that also had a shih-tzu and an 18-mo old human child. Logan showed off his vocal prowess in foster care and also hauled various household items out into the yard via the doggie door. He seemed very anxious about his whole new life away from his brother but he did settle in a bit and just knew he had more changes to come.

His forever home found him as they had narrowed the search down to Weim's and V's. They found our website and drove down to meet Logan. It did not take long for them to decide that he was their dog, and to match a new home came a new name. His new home had recently lost both of their senior dogs and told us that they really wanted two dogs. So when Lucy became available they jumped at the chance to have a friend for Riley. While we would not suggest that you invite them to chew on your couch -- they are a wonderful pair of dogs who love people, play, and most of all their new home.

June 2005, Sandee writes: I take both Riley and Lucy on a run with me every night. We run 2.25 miles! I didn't realize how strenuous it is running with a dog, let alone two! My goal is 3 miles with the both of them, but we all are working up to it. I think Riley and Lucy get a pretty good workout. Their tongues are down to the ground when we get home. Riley and Lucy are such a joy!

Summer 2008: Riley lost his vizsla sister Lucy to a tragic drowning accident. In July Sandra & Riley adopted Joey from the CO-WY Vizsla Rescue Group.

Jul 2010, Sandra writes: Riley & Joe have been the best companions. I do not know what I would do without them. Joe still has a lot of puppy in him!

Dec 2011: New photo added of Riley & Joe.

Dec 2012, Sandra writes: We are doing well here in Virginia. I really miss the dry climate. Andee is really getting big. She is one now. Joe and Riley just love her. She runs great with Joe and Riley and me. They are the best running companions a girl could have.

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