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Lily is a 5-yr old AKC vizsla with a lot of love to share. She was given up due to changes in her original family's work schedules that Lily was not happy with. Lily's first family gave her a solid foundation in basic obedience and off leash recall and all around great social skills with all people and other dogs. Carol and Bill had been vizsla-less for several years since their last one passed away from old age and had been looking for some time to bring a vizsla back into their lives. Living in British Columbia there were not a lot of vizslas available through rescue and distance was a factor for dogs from the United States but Carol's persistence paid off. She might still be waiting if she hadn't contacted us about Rusty in July... it didn't work out for Rusty but when we were contacted by Lily's family we knew we might just have a perfect match and in August they made the trek south to meet Penny in Portland and get their new little princess.

Carol reports that they are very happy with their new little girl. She has been swimming in the river and loves water, chasing sticks, and even going underwater to get them. Lily has fairly good manners and recall and so she has been a joy to have around. The cats are spending their time walking very slowly around the house with their fur all fluffed up, much to the dismay of Lily who wants to play. Her favorite toys seem to be socks and a stuffed doggie she got, she is ignoring nylabones. We are sure Lily will make a good impression on Canada even with her ID background.

Dec 2008, Carol writes: Just wanted you to see Lily is still with us and doing well on holistic meds, extra vitamins, anti-oxidants, and a pain killer. It's almost a year since regular vet said she would die. It has been a very cold Dec for us, with record snow fall. Lily gets cold pretty quick so we don't stay out long. She has lost weight, but I now have her on a digestive enzyme. Hopefully she can utilize more of her food now. (Note: just about a year ago Lily was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live so we are thrilled to hear and see she's doing so well!)

Dec 22, 2009: Carol wrote that Lily lost her long and valiant (valiant on both their parts) battle with bone cancer and has gone to the Bridge.

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