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Sadie (on the left) came from a shelter near Boise ID in January 2001 and was about 2-yrs old. She was brought in as a stray a month earlier and her time was almost up. Our best guess is she is a lab/Vizsla mix and has about the nicest temperament anyone could ever hope for in a dog but since she doesn't look very much like a Vizsla she needed a special home where she would be loved for herself and not because she was "Vizsla". Not a particulary dainty girl, we gave her the somewhat dignified name of "Lady". She appeared to have had little training but had good house manners, crate trained easily and was a totally sweet, huggable, trusting, teddy bear girl who wanted very much to be part of the family. During her 3 months in foster care with Penny & Frank she was spayed, dew claws removed, brought up to date on her vaccinations and a search began for the perfect home for "Lady".

In March through a strange set of circumstances Penny happened to bump into Brenda who had a 15-mo old lab/brittany mix and said she was considering adding a second dog to her family. Call it fate, coincidence or whatever but it was discovered that Brenda used the same trainer Penny had just signed "Lady" up for an obedience class with, used the same vet and was exactly the kind of home we were hoping to find for our gentle lummox. Arrangements were made for them to meet her and to have a play date with Abby, their 15-mo old pup. So much for the play date- she had a new home and the new name of "Sadie" before the hour was up. There were some statements to the effect of "we aren't sure we want another dog, etc" but they asked if she could stay overnight and overnight turned into a few days and the next thing we knew Sadie and Abby were at Petsmart getting brand new matching collars!!

Thank you Don and Brenda for making room in your family for Sadie who is one of the sweetest, most trusting dogs Penny has had the privilege to foster. We also hope she will be gentle and tolerant with her new sis, Abby, the perpetual motion machine.

Jun 2014: Sadie passed this month due to complications of old age. Our best guess is that she was 14 or 15 yrs old and we could not have asked for a better life for her than the one she shared with Don & Brenda & Abby. We're pretty sure Frank and her sister, Abby, were both happy and sad to greet her at The Bridge. Please visit Sweet Gentle Sadie at The Bridge.

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