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Ginger, b.10/23/2006, came into rescue from an owner that was kind enough to realize that she was not prepared to handle a Vizsla puppy and juvenile delinquent. Ginger's pedigree is sire Bo Knox Askim and Nikki Dukat Starr. She is high energy, full of antics, and lacking a lot of basic manners needed at this age. She has been around grandkids and did great. She is unknown with cats but wants to play with other dogs but not well versed in dog manners as an only dog. She does like to dig when bored. She loves fetch, toys of any size and shape, slippers, shoes, and anything she can chew on! Ginger does like to bang on piano keys for treats, she will also sit, down, roll over, shake, little beg and big beg -- OK she only does it when she has treats as bait or when she feels like it and is not distracted by things.

Ginger made it to her new home in record speed. She caught a ride with Auntie Reb up to ID to meet her new family. She will join Brody, Dave & Laurie on patrol at Wade Lake MT. Brody is already happy to have a playmate and now he seems like the calm dog of the house. We hope you stop in and see the resident Vizsla doing rounds. When you do, give her a hug, if you can get her to sit still long enough!

May 2007: It has been a very busy, wonderful week for us all. Ladybug and Brody are inseparable. She has been so busy with so many things. She has really taken to her name, unlike her previous one so that is what it will be. The cats haven't totally returned to their routine, but get closer every day and it hasn't been quite a week. It has been tough to take pic's, hope these will work. It's just so fun watching a young pup discover all their is around here, like white water in a stream or the tops of waves breaking on the beach (in both cases, they need to be bit right at the crest if you do it right!). The cuteness just never ends! Can't say thank you enough to you guys.

Fall 2007: Snickers, a 7-yo vizsla from Nevad & Alaska, joined the Wade Lake greeting committee.

Oct 2009: This month the redheaded greeting committee at Wade Lake grew by one when Stella joined the crew.

Jan 2010, Laurie & Dave write: The red kids usually don't all sit on the same couch in case a meteor were to strike that exact spot, one would survive. But here they are letting down their guard.

Sep 2013: We received the sad news that Ladybug had to be put down due to a severe bite to her loving family. This was not her first bite but it was to be her last. Sometimes they just let us know that it is time. Be safe at the Bridge darling Bug and say hi to Frank and all the red kids. Please visit Ladybug at The Bridge.

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