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TAYA (was AMY)

The Kansas Seven were born August 25, 2003 and came to UT via a long car trip from KS. These littermates were the product of an intentional breeding between a chocolate lab mom and a Vizsla dad. The folks were sure their friends and neighbors would flock to adopt these dogs but that did not happen. Special thanks to Polly & Lee in KS for driving to get these kids and then fostering them for a week.

Taya hitched a ride with Penny & Frank to meet their new family. The kids are thrilled to have a dog and dad is going to train Taya to do a bit of bird hunting. Taya's family is friends with Storm's family and they will get to have lots of doggie play dates. Special thanks to Katelyn for a home visit.

Dec 2010, Joe writes: Rebecca & Penny, Taya continues to do well with her Addisons as long as she gets the shot of percorten every 6 weeks. She lives with Kim and the kids in Spokane. She has been a great companion despite her shenanigans the last couple years (running away and getting injured on barbed wire). I have been in Seattle for 2 1/2 years so I don't see her much. Yet when I do she is all over me and very affectionate. I really miss those times we went hunting or the long walks we would take. Life brings many changes we don't expect. Hope you are doing will and continue in this good work saving this marvelous breed. Merry Christmas to you all.

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