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The Kansas Seven were born August 25, 2003 and came to UT via a long car trip from KS. These littermates were the product of an intentional breeding between a chocolate lab mom and a Vizsla dad. The folks were sure their friends and neighbors would flock to adopt these dogs but that did not happen. Special thanks to Polly & Lee in KS for driving to get these kids and then fostering them for a week.

Storm caught rides with Shaunna, Angela, Penny & Charlie (and a dobe and a keeshond) to meet his new family in The Dalles OR. Special thanks to Katelyn for a home visit. Storm got to surprise his new kids. Mom and dad told them they were just going on a weekend drive but they found out that their dream of a new puppy was to come true with Storm arrived at the hotel! The trip was a mess with the weather and so the family decided he was aptly named. Storm has Taya's family to thank for pointing them in the direction of these pups and the two of them will get to have regular play dates in WA.

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Other pups from this litter are
Taya (was Amy)
Wedge (was Dorothy)
Koda (was Clinton)
Thatcher (was Frosty)
Alta (was Deidra)

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