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Original story: Abby is a beautiful 8-mo old vizsla/collie mix. She has been in the shelter since she was 8 wks old. The staff loved her so much that they pulled every string they could to keep her from being PTS, the director of the shelter finially said that she had to go. So they called me and asked if we would help, You know it's hard to tell shelter staff NO when you have to know how much they loved this animal to risk their jobs to keep her a live. Abby is house broken, crate trained, and a Vizsla in a Collie suit. She gets along with dogs, cats and children, she has a problem with some household noises, and she is just learning to play with toys. She has never been abused, and other than a little out of shape, only had a 6-ft run to play in for an hour each day, is in good health. All of her shots are current including rabies. I've been taking her on daily runs, so she is starting to get in shape, she is 22" tall and weighs 43-lbs, her coat doesn't seem to mat and doesn't pick up stickers. (Abby is in Phillipsburg KS)

Jan 2004: Abby found a home with kids, a HUGE fenced in yard, no other pets!

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