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Original story, Jul-Dec 2013: KRISSY & her sister PEACH were owner released to a rural UT shelter because they kept getting out of the pen and chasing cattle, a deadly game in farm country. The information given was the girls wandered into the yard when 3-4 months old and they have had them for 10 months, making them about 14 months old. They were assumed to be sisters. Both have good clean teeth, natural tails, and dew claws. They are spayed, up to date on shots, micro-chipped. The woman's vet identified them as Vizsla but they are not purebred. Based on the coat length, texture, double coat, and ears we are guessing mixed with lab, pointer or terrier.

Aug 2013: In an effort to allow the girls to develop their own personalities Krissy is now in Idaho where she is still chasing balls and playing tug-o-war with the anyone who will play with her. She is learning leash skills and people focus, loving car rides to the store and the drive-thru and increased one-on-one attention, training and love she missed earlier in life. She is getting used to city life and loves doggie daycare.

Jan 2014: Krissy was delighted to find the home of her dreams already trained and approved by 2-1/2 yr old Katie, a vizsla/lab mix. She loves having a party girl sister her own age and we were truly amazed at what a perfect team these girls make. From first meeting they were sharing toys, trading play bows and kept mom & dad up all night jumping from bed to bed in the hotel room. The party continues at home in Oregon with daily trips to the huge dog parks and looking ahead to many years of boat rides and camping trips. Thanks Mary Jo and Rod for making the trek to Idaho to bring Krissy into your family.

Jun 2014: A few pictures of Krissy taken yesterday at the dog park. She has adjusted well here as we have to her. Both dogs get along well except for a short and minor "dust up" over some toy. They rough house and tumble often, but they seem to know the limits as they never hurt each other. As Mary Jo would say "they are sisters you know". We love Krissy lots and feel lucky we found her. Thank for taking care of her. Rod & Mary Jo

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