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Original story: Krew was born 7/3/2008 from AKC parents but not registered (sire: Degner's Draco Royal, dam: Phelp's Russett Sky). He came to us the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2009 from his second owner who said he had too much energy for young kids and needed a fenced yard. Krew's foster mom describes him as a friendly, active and outgoing pup. He's respectful when he has to be, but when he doesn't have to be he's pushy. Pretty standard for a one year old male vizsla. He tried to push Skeet off the sofa and she gave him the ugly face. He then kissed her whole face twice. Skeet was not impressed. He steals things from Rose which makes her mad. She's accustomed to the girls letting her have her way most of the time and, with Krew, she just waits and steals it back when he isn't looking. It's become a game for them. He can be strong willed and will need someone with good dog sense. Krew is not going to be a push over.

He's very adaptable. The first night it took him a good hour to settle down in the crate and go to sleep but since then no problems. He's climbing on the furniture now and let me tell you four Vizslas on the sofa doesn't leave lots of move for me! He does not appear to be noise shy but we don't know if he has been hunted. He respects fences but, as always, we prefer they not be left unattended outside when you are away from home. All dogs are crate trained and accustomed to being in the house and family members.

Nov 26: Krew is a clever boy and has learned to jump up on the patio table outside so he can look in the windows. He also uses his legs to move things around, like Rose! Rose doesn't know what to think of this development. I have never seen a dog use their legs like he does. It's pretty funny.

Dec 13: Besides clever, Krew is creative and uses his front paws to play with toys and manipulte other dogs in ways we've not seen before. He has the typical energy of a an 18-mo old vizsla and will need a home where he can have a job to do.... such as regular long runs, hunting, mind work that comes with training. Krew is no couch potato but settles nicely in the house as long as he gets plenty of exercise. Krew uses his feet and paws to manipulate toys and other dogs in a way we've not seen before. He is happy and outgoing and would love a home with another dog to play with.

Jan 2010 update: Like Bodie, Krew's Christmas wish came true when things fell into place at this magical time of year. Maybe it was the blue moon or maybe just the way things happen but he caught a ride with Penny to eastern Idaho where he was met by his new mom & dad, V brother & sister and whisked away to his new life in southwestern Montana. Krew's new family includes 2 vizslas, mom & dad, teenage son and, besides sleeping in the bed and lounging by the fire, Krew will get to cross-country ski all winter, fish all summer and hunt in the fall if he is so inclined.

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