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Original story: Kona aka kona coffee bean is an approx 5-mo old vizsla mix looking for someone who has just as much attitude as she has. She didn't get the best start in life but we're working hard to help her move on with her life. She was found as a stray, starving in the desert and found her way to the shelter in May weighing barely 10-lbs. When she had gained enough weight to be spayed we adopted her and moved her to foster care where she continues to gain weight, is learning about the good things in life and improving her social skills. Kona is an outgoing, happy pup who doesn't want to miss out on any fun but at the same time is sensitive and is easily overwhelmed in new situations. She is learning from foster brother, Nesta, and other friendly dogs that dogs are fun and people aren't scary... and many come bearing treats! Kona needs a committed home who understands the breeds involved and able to provide the structure and consistency she needs. She aims to please, is smart and learns quickly. She will do best in an adult only home, not so much because she isn't good with kids, but so she will get the guidance and attention she needs. Kona loves water, friendly dogs, making friends and she is not noise shy. Reports are she had a grand time watching fireworks with human friends over the 4th of July. She is manageable with cats and should be a small dog at about 40-lbs max... a perfect size since she is also a pro cuddler! Are you the one special person who can be Kona's best friend and help her become the best dog she can be?

Aug 2009: Kona found her perfect home with Heath & his family in CA. Yeah, we know we said "Boise area only" but it just happened that Heath came with impecable references in the form of Sofie. We're still not convinced Heather & Sofie didn't tip Heath off to Kona's listing on our website but, either way, we think Kona found the right home where she will get the guidance she needs to become the best dog she can be and, most of all, a family who will never abandon her again. (Huge thanks to foster parents, Ty & Leah, for helping Kona to get her life and attitude back on track after a pretty rough start.)

Sep 2009, Heath writes: Kona is doing great, and I think we all have adjusted wonderfully. She seems to be getting bigger, taller even, but then she'll curl up and she seems small again. She has slowed her eating a little bit (still a little vacuum cleaner though), so I think she does taste some of her food some of the time. She has her squeeky toys - a ball, a duck, and a beaver - the plush toys have suffered a bit though. The duck is almost missing a flipper and the beaver is missing both back paws.....funny stuff. We play fetch at night, by throwing the ball down the hallway, and she kind of understands the concept, but more practice is necessary.

Kona has thickened up in her chest, and you don't see too much rib-bone any more, which is great. I haven't weighed her yet, but I think that she has easily put on 5+ lbs. Even with her bulking up a bit, she still slides on the kitchen floor - which is simply hilarious. She has no traction at all - when she sits on her behind in a normal upright position, she starts sliding backwards.....it makes me laugh all the time.....and then when she stretches and walks - i almost fall out of my chair.

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