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Sometime late in January of 2001 a man dropped off a male and female V with the Arkansas rescue group. The female was very expectant and on Feb 7 it became clear she had danced with someone other than the male V. Momma had 13 kids all with great "character". KoKo, Willow and Shiloh came to Salt Lake in April for foster care and placement. The kids are possibly mixed with catahoula leopard dog but have traits that are very V like.

KoKo loves to cuddle and bossed Rebecca's two boys around like a pro. She is a vocal headstrong girl who is going to need obedience training and an active family that will give her lots of things to do. KoKo caught the eye of Ashley in WA and she convinced mom and dad that they needed a new family member. Ash renamed her Kola which is an Indian term used for good friends and much loved horses. In May Kola got a ride to Burley with Rebecca and then Penny took her on to Boise where she caught a ride home with Riley/Katica's new family. Kola's family will be moving soon from their acre in WA to 5 acres in the great spaces of north ID and so Kola and her big brother dog Archie are going to have a ball running the farm. So Ash, April and Steve -- take care of the little girl who looks like a paint can blew up on her and who lucked into you for a forever family.

6/5/2001 - April writes: I can't begin to tell you how much joy Kola is giving all of us. She is the sweetest, funniest little thing. When I told Steve and Ash I was planning to bring her with to CDA, they both looked like they would cry (they had to stay home). Took her to the vet Saturday, now we can add him to her fan club. She weights 33 lbs (10 lbs since we got her) and managed to steal quite a few hearts there. Hope all is well with you. Thank you for bringing so much love and fun into our lives.

Spring 2002: Last fall Sparky, the blue heeler, adopted himself into Kola's clan. "He is Kola's best friend, and wrestling companion. Though Arch isn't exactly crazy about Sparky, I do think he appreciates that-- the relief Sparky gave him from Kola's constant torment."

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Kola. New pictures added May 2002.

Other pups from this litter are
Loo (Pixie)
Boudreau (Neelix)

Nov 2001 update: Good news! Rosie, Dixie and Cleo from this litter have also been adopted.

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