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Original story: Koda is a 5-yr old purebred male, tail docked a bit too short and one dewclaw that has grown back from incorrect removal. He is good with kids and other dogs, might be too interested in the cat but could be manageable with the right cat. He's relatively quiet, crate trained, loves lounging on the furniture and has a reasonable recall. He is a strong boy who needs work on loose leash walking but will respond well to training and attention from his human family. He may be a bit too much for very young children. Koda wants to be part of the family and if left in a yard alone he will dig, chew and bark. He has been swimming and loves the water. He has been hunted and was reported to do well. Koda loves to go camping and be anywhere his people are. He is however scared of thunder storms and fireworks so he needs to be kept in a safe place when these occur or might get scared and try to flee. Koda is a big teddy bear and we hope to find him a home with a companion Vizsla or an active person who will make him a full part of their life.

Aug 2009: Koda caught a ride with Penny & Frank to Seattle where he met his new dad. There have been some adjustments to the new family routine and neighborhood but Koda seems to be getting the family trained. Lori reports he is great with the kids, at the beach, at doggie daycare and meeting everyone. He's also getting fit with regular exercise and settling in with his new family. Give the big boy from Utah a hug from his friends in UT & ID!

Aug 2009: Here are a few recent pictures of Koda.

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