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Carly (now Kiva) was an unclaimed stray turn in at an Idaho shelter in early July. We're not sure why she was there because she doesn't seem to be noise shy and she appears to have been well cared for... although perhaps a little too well fed. At any rate, she is friendly with other dogs, a little grabby about treats and jumps on people but comes to whistle and has nice house manners.

Doug had been waiting for the right dog to come along who could fit into his life as a hiking buddy and companion and Kiva seemed made to order. Take care and have fun with your busy little girl.

July 2005: Doug reports that Kiva is a great trail partner. She has gone on hikes of 5+ miles, she stays very close off lead and has had lots of fun meeting other dogs. She has not quite figured out water in lakes but is working on that.

Aug 2005: Just wanted to say hello and update you on Kiva. She is doing great and loves to go hiking and play. I have taken her on several camping trips, hikes and taught her to swim. [actually my friends Vizsla Annie helped with the swimming part] At any rate, just wanted to say hello and let you know how things are going. Thanks again for everything.

Dec 2010, Doug writes: Thank you for the the wonderful Vizsla card.... I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to date on Kiva. She has had a rough year and half. In 2009 she had some shoulder problems (calcification and joint degeneration) from which shes made a near full recovery with laser therapy... This past September she started struggling to get up/sit down. She was diagnosed with degenerative tissue in her sacral joint/spine. Through more laser therapy and pain meds she has more good days than bad, but sitting and standing remain a struggle. Attached are some photos from this past week.

Dec 2011, Doug writes: Kiva is doing well despite having a really rough 2010/2011... Last October (2010) her lower back began degenerating and she was no longer able to run; get in and out of the truck; or get in and out of bed without assistance. She required pain meds after the even briefest walk. In February she developed a large thyroid tumor and underwent surgery. She made a full recovery from the cancer and we slowly began spending more and more time at the park. Before long she was off pain meds and able to be more consistently active. By fall of this year she was able to get in and out of the car on her own and sleep on the bed. Then almost a year to the day of her back going out she joined me for a four mile trail run and she has been quite active ever since. She is really white in the face these days and she has lots of fatty tumors, but she is a happy girl. Oh and she has developed a really bad habit of barking at me... a lot! I figure she is just letting me know we need to go run more :) Happy Holidays, Doug & Kiva Dog

Oct 2014, Doug writes: It saddens me to tell you that Kiva Dog passed away peacefully yesterday. After nearly ten years together I haven't the words to express all that I feel right now. Kiva brought out the very best in me and made me a better soul. She could conjure a smile under the worst of circumstances and melt my heart with her goofy expressions and always having to have her paw on my hand. Even now, I've managed a few belly laughs through the rages of tears and inconsolable sobbing. Thank you so much for rescuing me to me such a remarkably kindred spirit. Please visit Kiva at The Bridge.

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