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Kira & her sister, Dax, were advertised in the local paper and when we called we found that the breeder had mated his male and female V but when the litter arrived he had 4 yellow lab pups and 2 V's. Kira and Dax look exactly like V's and the other pups were butterball lab pups with black noses and eyes, short ears, and broad heads. Kira & Dax have natural tails and dew claws still on. We brought Kira and Dax home because even though he could not provide AKC papers for them they were still "good breeders" for a person with a male V - yikes, just what we need... not!

Kira joined a multi V family and will be taught to hunt by Bunkie & Pooky. Kira loved the pheasant wings and followed the scent on the ground with great gusto. She proudly pranced her way around the yard with the wing with Dax in hot pursuit, but not to be caught, the wing was hers! I hope Bob & Nellie can survive this energetic girl and Bob promises to have her out hunting very soon.

Oct 2001 Bob writes: After a few days with the group, a new name had to be found as the old Kira didn't fit. Streak fits her behavior now. Welcome Streak!!

Dec 2002 - This year Streak & Pooky lost a friend and hunting partner when Bunker passed away, but in December the family adopted Cooder so they are a threesome again. Cooder will probably never be the hunter Bunkie was but we hope he will be a buddy and not too much of a couch hog... and maybe the girls can teach him a thing or two about hunting in the process.

Jun 2003: After 6 months of living the good life in big sky country and seeming to get along with "the girls", Cooder and Pookie decided they no longer settle their differences peacefully and Cooder came back to Idaho to look for another home. He found that home in October 2003 and moved to WA where he still has a V sister to play with on weekends but gets special one-on-one time with his humans. Bob & Nellie miss their silly boy but Pookie and Streak are happier now and will, no doubt, be hunting up a storm this fall.

Jun 2007: Streak & Pookie got a bratty little brother this month when Bunky joined the family just in time to start training for the upcoming hunting season.

Dec 2008, Bob writes: Merry Christmas Rebecca, as you requested I've attached the Christmas pic that was on our cards. Lost Pookie a few months ago due to old age and an owner that hunted her too hard all her life but what a fantastic hunter she was. Just like her father and she taught our two rescue Red Dogs well also. Pookie's last hunt was at the Pheasants Forever Youth Hunt in September.

Dec 2009, Bob writes: Streaker died unexpectedly this morning from an unknown cause. She appeared somewhat ill yesterday and when I returned last night from a meeting, she could not stand without help and did not want to go out. Nellie slept with her last night and when I looked in on her this morning, she was out of it and in a very short time stopped breathing. Our longtime vet is dumb founded.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Streak with her new family. (New photo 3/02)

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