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King is a male V born Oct 23, 1998. He has an AKC pedigree but was never registered. Tail docked, dews off, about 23 inches tall, 55-60 lbs, neutered, up to date on shots. King is learning house manners and doing very well. He is a couch snuggle pro but has been trained to not get on beds so sleeps on a doggie bed. He was given up due to a divorce and the woman told me that he had been hunted on upland game birds and has a nice point but needs some work on retrieve. I was not able to talk with the hubby who did the hunting for more specifics. We would like to find him a hunting home where he can also be a pampered house pet. He seems to like men and women equally and has been around kids from 10-17 yo. He is learning to play with my V boys and is playing well with a 13 week old pup I am fostering. He is protective of his food bowl so might not be good with real young children. He is learning to share toys and be in a pack of dogs. The former owner said he would like to eat any cat so he is not the best choice for a home with cats you would like to keep.

After almost a month in foster care the perfect family found King. Mark wrote several times - I want the dog! And after talking on the phone several times we decided that King would love a V brother his same age, 3 older kids to keep him busy, a work from home mom to pester, and a 4000 acre ranch to hunt on. What Vizsla would not think he was in heaven! Mark had a business trip planned and made a detour through Salt Lake at the end of the trip to meet King and fly home with him. Take care of my baby, Mark!

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