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Diva was surrendered to a local shelter at just 16-wks old and, being the week between Christmas & New Years, the shelter was full. We were able to pick her up as soon as the call came in. Diva found safe haven with Auntie Karen & crew (who are almost always up for a puppy) until a break in the weather allowed us to get her up to Montana where she spent a couple weeks with Laurie & Fred (and also got to meet her new bro, Frankie) while her new family was on an already planned vacation.

Jan 2011: After the loss of the much loved senior v/lab girl, Sequoia, Roger & Bryan were interested in a playmate for Frankie who they had adopted in 2010. We dropped the "Diva bomb" on them as they were on their way out of town for a winter getaway to Hawaii and they returned with the appropriate new name of Kihei for their new addition... and the family was complete again.

Mar 2011: Kihei is approaching 47 pounds now. Frankie is 65 pounds but all legs and muscle. They are doing extremely well together and even had a 100 pound lab visitor for a several weeks. They put him on their Vizsla hyperactivity weight loss program and he left a svelt 93 pounds!!!! By the way if you are wondering from the photo..... she still has two ears....but she is doing her best to relieve Frankie of one of his ears as they are evidently very chewable!! Kihei has a new nickname "the little Red Snapper". She enjoys clicking her teeth and making snapping sounds when she gets extra frisky. She loves to play fetch and will do some inadvertent flips when jumping into the air for the Kong. She spent her first few days out of the crate with Frankie and had no accidents or misadventures.....She is very smart. Her tricks are shaking, sitting, lying down and sneaking into bed at night by slipping up under the sheets and comforter and hiding under the blankets, disguised as a foot warmer....then during the night she boldly makes her way up to the pillows. She has also been witnessed boldly "counter surfing." Frankie did not teach her this as he only looks on counters when searching for his Kong....She was also witnessed snatching a vole from Frankie's mouth while on a recent hike, so pilfering is not beneath her. She rearranges the blankets in her kennel by pulling them out into sunnier areas of the house and she always sniffs offered snacks before gobbling them down. Her least useful activities are attacking the vacuum cleaner, mop, swifter and snow shovels. Essentially, she boycotts all forms of household chores and snow removal!! She goes crazy in the car when going through a car wash. She dislikes the rear-windshield wipers on our vehicles and will chase them and snap at them as long as they are going which makes for a long trip on rainy days. Her best asset is her unparalleled cuddliness. She likes to nestle her head on you with a series of small rapid movements prior to settling into place. More photos and adventures to follow.

Dec 2, 2012: Kihei lost her brother, Frankie, to epilepsy this day. Their time together was far too short but we know they will all meet again one day at The Bridge.

Jun 2013: Kihei got a new vizsla brother this month when Axel joined the family.

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