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KELLY (was PEACH) - Story coming

Original story, Jun 2013: KRISSY & PEACH were owner released to a rural UT shelter because they kept getting out of the pen and chasing cattle, a deadly game in farm country. The information given was the girls wandered into the yard when 3-4 months old and they have had them for 10 months, making them about 14 months old. They were assumed to be sisters. Both have good clean teeth, natural tails, and dew claws. They are spayed, up to date on shots, micro-chipped. The woman's vet identified them as Vizsla but they are not purebred. Based on the coat length, texture, double coat, and ears we are guessing mixed with lab, pointer or terrier. Peach is about 23" tall and 45 lbs. She has the white down her nose and white tipped feet. Krissy is solid golden rust about 22" tall and 40 lbs.

The girls lived outside and are now learning house manners and crate training. Both are good with people and are especially comfortable around children. The previous owner had kids 2-8 yrs old but their current foster home does not have children. Foster home also does not have cats. The girls play well together and have been good with the three males in their foster home.

PEACH loves to run and play but is more people focused. If I sit on the porch she would rather get love and attention than play games with the other dogs. She was not bothered by fireworks or the summer storm. She is not much of a ball fetcher but she may be if Krissy did not beat her every time. Peach has a chipped canine tooth but it is not something that requires dental attention.

Sep 2013: Kelly has been adopted - story coming.

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