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Kaze is approximately 9 months old, tail docked, dews off, beautiful color and nice head shape. He was found as a stray and unclaimed from a local shelter. Kaze has no training and is learning sit and stay. He does jump up on people, gently, but persistently. He has not had any accidents in our house and we don't give him the chance to fail, going out every couple of hours. He is learning to potty when told. He has a 100% sweet cuddly personality and is low energy for a pup of his age. Kaze gets along well with other dogs and people. His first outing was at our rescue dog party with 31 people and 31 dogs and he did great. He is a submissive male who will roll on his back with more in charge dogs or if they get too rough in play. Kaze does not like going into a kennel and has to be helped along. He appears to have some anxiety associated with separation. He is learning that going into the kennel in the car means going someplace fun. Kaze is unknown with cats but he is a gentle soul so may be fine with proper training and experienced owners. He has gone hiking off lead and never strays far from his human or dog companion. He sleeps on the bed and wants nothing more than to cuddle in your lap. He needs a home that will work to increase his confidence and reduce his anxiety. I do not see Kaze as having any hunting ability but you will not find a dog who loves you more than he.

Oct 2006: On October 28th, Kaze jumped in the car and made a trip to NV with Daryl to meet his new mom's. He will not have to spend much time in the future in a crate or alone as he will have two kids to play with and a work from home mom. He will love the attention of being the only dog and will gladly play fetch with anyone. Now we really want to know who is going to win the battle of whether he sleeps on the floor in a dog bed or curled up on the bed!!! Take care of our baby boy -- Crazy Kaze :)

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