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Original story: Kayla is an approx 9 mo old vizsla/gsp mix. She has a natural tail, dews on and is a dark reddish brown but not liver dark. Kayla came from a local shelter. She is a happy girl who appears house trained and is now crate trained. She loves to lounge on the couch and is a great snuggler. Kayla will be small and currently she is only 30 lbs. She takes some warming up to new dogs but she does love to play. She likes toy, sticks and food. Kayla does not appear to have had much socialization outside a yard or house. She barks at other dogs when she is on leash and can appear unfriendly. She seems to love all people and never barks at them unless they neglect to pet her. She is food motivated but also food protective. She will guard her bowl, bed and toys from other dogs. She has not guarded her food from people but she needs a firm hand. For this reason the best home for her would be as an only animal in the house and with adults. She needs basic obedience skills as she jumps on people and she will sit for treats but is otherwise not trained. She is not an avid chewer but she is still a puppy so she needs appropriate toys. We do not know how she is off leash and this would take training. The shelter tested her with cats and said that she was very fixated on them so a home with no cats is best. In one photo Kayla is in the middle with Waylon a 45-lb Vizsla on the left and Thatcher a 70-lb vizsla/lab on the right -- this gives you an idea of her color and size.

Nov 2010: Rehab aka Kayla found a great home with a person as energetic as she. Vincent came to visit her several times in foster care and she finally got to go home. He reports she is doing really well. She is now fully potty trained and enjoys playing with other dogs. Her new dad says: I am trying to train her to be a bird dog. So far so good. She found her first pheasant today and almost had a heart attack from excitement. I still have to keep her on a leash or lead otherwise she has a tendinancy to run far and fast. She is very happy here and I am very happy.

Aug 2015: Kayla moved to CA after her adoption in Idaho in 2010. She developed serious temper and psychological issues and came back into rescue hands. With the help of rescue friends in CA, Kayla was released from her pain. She left this world as a spoiled and adored Vizsla should: in loving arms, painlessly, while being hummed to, and eating roast beef in a softly lit room with music playing. Her eyes said "Thank you". Thank you to all who helped rescue Kayla one last time. Kayla - rest well in the arms of the angels. Please visit Kayla at The Bridge.

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