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Original story, Aug 2007: Katie is a 2-1/2 yr old spayed female. She loves to be with people she knows. She enjoys romps in the woods, a good swim when it is hot and a nice bed at your feet. Katie has great house manners after the initial Vizsla dash through the house so everyone knows you are there. She is crate trained and house trained. She has some obedience training and minds well. She has been around horses and does fine. Katie would do best in a home without cats and with an older settled dog. At this time no children. She is learning how to play with other dogs but still over steps her bounds a bit. Katie is still somewhat fearful of strangers but is getting better everyday. Katie's new home will need to be an experienced dog owner that will not baby her when she shows inappropriate behavior, yet be quick to reward when she exhibits positive behavior. Katie has come a long way since coming to our home and really is a wonderful girl that just wants to please.

Nov 2007: Katie is still leery of strangers but warms up quickly. Will chase cats but knows to not touch them, very well mannered in and out of the house. She's a great traveler, loves to be with her people and comes when called. She would make a good country living dog. She is learning not to bark when she plays... or at least she has learned that other dogs won’t play with her if she barks.

Mar 2008: Katiee got her second chance at a happy life when she went to live with Donna in Oregon. After meeting 'Fly through her friend, Greg, Donna decided she needed a vizsla buddy of her own and contacted us about adopting. Katiee & Donna seemed like a perfect match because Katiee is all about her people and needed a quieter home where she would get one on one attention... and lots of it! She loves her time alone with "mom" but also gets plenty of time to hike, play and interact with other dogs as Greg has a gang of vizslas. Katiee's new friends include 'Fly, Shieva and now Hunter too! Love life Katiee and be a friend to everyone you meet.

Note: Katiee came into vizsla rescue after she was adopted from an all-breed rescue who advertised her as "takes a while to warm up" to a couple who wanted a very social dog they could take everywhere. Katiee was not that dog and within a week they knew they were in over their heads. Lucky for Katiee, they cared enough about her to seek help from people who know the breed and could work through her behavior issues and wait for the right home to find her.

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