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Kato aka Mr. Red came into rescue from a local breeder who was not able to sell all the puppies. Mr. Red, Mr. Pink and Mr. Black all had a great time in foster care with the Dowdell big dogs. It did not take long for his forever family to find him. Blitzen was a very special rescue dog that the family had adopted back in May of 2003. When Blitzen passed in 2010 the family wanted to get a new dog but a puppy was the family vote. Puppies don't often come into rescue but things happen for good reasons. Now Kato has some big shoes to fill.

Nov 2010: The family reports that Kato is doing well. He is sleeping through the night in his crate but is a wild child in the morning. He rides great in the car when the girls head off to school. Not too sure the family cats want Kato to stay as he wants to play and they are not so sure that is a good idea. Take good care of Kato and enjoy all the crazy things that come with raising a Vizsla puppy.

Dec 2011: Happy Holidays! Being a 2 Vizsla family is great, except we need another sofa. Kato, aka "Devil Dog", is doing well. Still a lot of "puppy" to out grow (we can dream). Hips are not bothering him. Rosie, our 4-yr old SoCal gal is a love. Gets along with Kato well (except for toy hoarding) but does not do so well with other dogs at the dog park or when Kato plays too rough. The Proin seems to be taking care of her spay incontinence. Here are some pics, Kato is in the blue collar. Best, The Ebers, David, Carolyn, Emma, Lucy, Kato, and Rosie

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