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Kate and her four littermates were found in a barn in rural Idaho. Kate had the markings of a shorthair so we agreed to take her into our program as a favor to an all-breed rescue friend. Mamma was a black lab and there were apparently multiple sires as all the pups looked different. Kate was the first to be diagnosed with parvo and, at about 14-wks old, she spent 5 days on an IV at our vet. We weren't sure some days if she would pull through or not but she proved herself a little trooper and between her will to live, the great staff at Orchard Animal Clinic and everyone's prayers she made it. Two of her littermates also survived and have found new homes.

The best part of the whole deal is that while she was at Orchard Animal Clinic she won the heart of Emily and as soon as she was on the mend she became the newest addition to the Tate family. Kate got a new name, Penny Lane, to go with her new start in life. She is little sister to Star, a 9-yr old lab who also survived parvo as a puppy, so perhaps there will be a special bond between them. We suspect she might have been a fish in a previous life the way she takes to water and will completely submerse herself in the wading pool... rolling over on her back and blowing bubbles in the water. Live a long and happy life, little one. We miss you darlin' but know that you are going to be so very loved!

March 2007: Penny Lane left us just short of her first birthday. All of us who knew her will remember Penny Lane's sweet face, soft ears and gentle disposition. Thanks to Galen & Emily for loving her enough to know when to let her go.

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Lily (now Marley)

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