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Karma (a.k.a. Karma Bug, Lady Bug and now Karmella) came to rescue on June 9, 1999 as a stray off the streets of Boise, ID. She was guessed to be 6+ years old with a gracefully aged face. She was much too thin and after wrangling with the shelter and going back with a camera, they were finally persuaded by Penny Fenton to release her to rescue so that we could get her back to health before spaying. Several V list members named this girl after I sent a message asking folks to send "good karma" in the direction of ID so that we could get her released. The name stuck. Once she was at our vet her spay scar was found. Karma had a rear hip injury which resulted in a limp and her not putting weight on her leg -- unless she was after a tennis ball. An x-ray confirmed an old injury that was not properly fixed with arthritis in the hip.

Penny found Karma liked other dogs, cats, and most of all a tennis ball. On June 26, Penny and Frank drove to Burley, ID to meet Rebecca so that Karma could come to Salt Lake for further foster care and placement. On July 17 we had the help of other wonderful folks who wanted Karma to get to her new home. Daryl and Karma headed to Winnmucca, NV. Kit & Bob Richards left Lake Tahoe, CA headed to Winnmucca to pick up Karma. Suzanne, Karma's new mom, left Lower Lake, CA headed to Lake Tahoe to adopt Karma at the Richard's home. Karma found a wonderful and loving home with other dogs and with a person not put off by her limp or age. Thanks Suzanne!!!!

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Karmella with her new family.

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