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Jordan and her sister, Bailey, were owner released to rescue due to life changes in their existing family. Bailey found a home almost immediately in Montana. Jordan's forever home found her at Christmastime after losing 6-yr old Amber to a sudden illness the very weekend Jordan was catching a ride with Brittany rescue from Montana to Boise ID.

Her time in Boise was short lived because the day after Christmas Jordan hopped another ride with a pair of standard poodles and was soon home with Al, Charlene and Penny, an 11-yr old vizsla. We know she will never replace Amber in their hearts but we are sure she will do her best to bring laughter to the household and early reports are that Penny approves of her new sister. Take care of our "little princess" and tell her to slow down and be careful who she curls her lip at!

Dec 13, 2012: Charlene & Al are devastated by the loss of their precious Jody to a fast moving untreatable cancer in her ear and throat. Visit Jody at The Bridge.

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