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Original story: Jocko (b. May 2009 to AKC parents) arrived the day after Christmas 2010. He was advertised in a SW Montana newspaper due to owner illness. The household included 2 other young male dogs who Jocko reportedly got along with okay. We were told that Jocko had the run of many acres surrounding the owner’s house with minimal oversight so he's now learning about being part of a slightly closer pack. Jocko's second stop, after meeting the crew at his foster home, was the vet since he had not received vet care since he was 2-3 months of age. After addressing a few acute issues like a broken tooth, baby tooth removal, ear infections, vaccinations and neutering, Jocko is on the mend and starting to settle into his life in his foster home. We are still getting to know the boy but he has done well with the 4 resident dogs (2 male, 2 female) and 1 visiting male dog. He worries a little about his space/humans when other dogs approach. We are working on this and his future owners will need to continue to verbally let him know that kind of reaction is not acceptable and reinforce calm behavior with other dogs. Jocko can be insecure about initially meeting new people and dogs. He however did great at the vet with a little help from a squeaky raccoon toy that went everywhere he did. His foster home is working with him to build confidence and in his new surroundings. At night he likes to double check whether the humans need any company in their bed before eventually settling in his own bed and blanket. Jocko is unknown with cats but we were told he has spent time with toddlers. He's a gentle soul who takes treats softly, loves to kiss and happily wag his tail when he hears his name or "good boy".

Tena & Bruce and their Vizsla Gauge, were looking to add a new member to the family. Once they read Jocko’s bio and saw his pictures, well it was probably love at first sight. They made the trek to visit Jocko at his foster home. After spending some time together they decided that this was indeed "the dog". Gauge thought it was pretty darn fun to have a younger buddy to hang around with. Tena and Bruce were love struck so they loaded up and headed for home.

Feb 2010 Tena writes: Jocko passed the grandchildren test with flying colors! The oldest granddaughter came in, patted him, and asked where Jocko was. Her face was priceless when she saw Gauge and realized she'd mistaken Jocko for Gauge! He is such a love - Bruce is hooked as I knew he would be.

Apr 2010 Tena writes: Jocko is doing great! He is a funny boy and we love him. He checks up on us at night and says goodnight, and once in awhile will join us on the bed. Bruce works nights and when he lays down for a nap before going to work the boys both cuddle him. When I sit on the couch I have a dog on either side of me. Jocko loves everybody, especially the grandkids. He's just as sweet as Gauge is with them. It took a little while for him to figure out the dog door but once he did he thought it was great. Ah, the freedom! He does get a little anxious when we leave but it has gotten better over all. He seems to feel this is home and that's what we want! We love him!

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