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On 12/12/99 I found an ad in the local paper for a 3 year old male Vizsla, AKC, all shots, "winterized". I had to find out what winterized meant so I called to find out the man had put 15 pounds on him so he could make it through the winter in his outside kennel. I offered to take him if the man could not find a buyer as his selling point was he was not neutered and would make a great stud dog. Never mind that he had a terrific overbite so he looks sorta like a gopher when lying on his back. On January 4, 2000 J.J. joined our crew to begin his diet and learn house manners.

On January 29 J.J. waved goodbye to Salt Lake. He was chauffeur driven to Rock Spring, WY by Daryl and Rebecca where we met new mom Dana. J.J. is now living in Thornton, CO with his 2 year old V brother Wile E. Dana reports that he is sliming down and that J.J. and Wile E. are quite the demolition crew. He is learning to sit and down and stay. The 2 boys have made friends with all the construction crews in the area of the new sub-division.

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