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Jinx is a petite, 1-yr old vizsla/lab mix from a Utah shelter. Tail is docked but she has the lighter color and black nose of a lab. She is an absolute lover who wants to be in your lap constantly. She is learning house manners and is a tad skittish about household noises but she is catching on quickly. She is not shy or fearful and is having a good time exploring and learning new things. At just a year old she is a bit of a chewer and a jumper but is a fast learner and is already figuring out that if she wants attention she must SIT instead of jumping up. She is extremely playful with the other dogs and gets along great with everyone. Very active and playful outside and enjoys snoozing on the deck with her playmates.

Nov 2002: Jinx is off to Flagstaff AZ to learn all about becoming a service dog. Her training will take several months and we will post her adoption story when she gets her job and forever family. Study hard Jinx!

Aug 2003, Christine reports: She and I just went up to CO for a week for her to strut her service dog stuff to the Canine Partners of the Rockies. She was great! A perfect little lady ... and showed everyone who said "I can't believe a VIZSLA could be a service dog" that there are dogs beyond the goofy goldens and ball obsessed labs out there.... - she opened doors, emptied dryers, picked up all kinds of objects (keys, phones, purses, bowls, etc) and gave them to me, was super in public, etc.... So, it looks like she will be placed as a service dog in March when she turns 2. It will really break my heart to give her up, but I know she will be much loved and appreciated.

Jan 2004, Christine writes: Here is Miss Jinx... crossing the finish line, qualifying and taking 2nd place in the Jumpers with Weaves last Sunday. Perhaps if she hadn't been higher than the timing device (seen on the left in plastic) she would have placed first ... HAHA! I am also not sure what the "Dumbo" ears are all about?! Silly girl:) (click for photo)

Apr 2004: After more than a year in training with Christine and her family, Jinx found her forever home with Don in CO where she is a true working girl! Don writes: "As for my expectations, she exceeds them as I had none. Just a loving dog that can go where I go. We do our agility work outs in the Recreation room at the hospital... Over or under the pool table, around the chair...etc. She also has so many that want her. Even a lady that doesn't like dogs stopped and visited with us last night for at least 15 minutes. She has 3 sons begging for a dog and just might give in and get one, but wanted a mix, just like Jinx."

May 2013: We received word this month that Jinx lost her life to cancer of the spleen which came on unexpectedly. The good news, if you want to call it that, is the doctor stated she went very fast. Don writes: She was such a good companion and helper! Life is going to be very different. Visit Jinx at The Bridge.

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