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Jessy originally came into rescue in winter 2006 as a 6-mo puppy diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia. To truly appreciate Jessy's success you can read her original story HERE. Many thanks to the Vizsla Rescue Fund for taking care of her surgery & rehab and to Vicki & Morgan who helped Jess become the happy girl she is today through their love and nurturing.

Jan 2011: Jessy was returned to rescue in Dec 2010 at 5-yrs old due to serious health issues in her human family. We hope the best for Morgan and appreciate them wanting the best for Jessy. True to form, Jessy didn't miss a beat taking the next phase of her life by the horns and wrapping her new family around her little paws.

May 2011: She spent several months with Penny & co before heading north to join 11-yr old vizsla, Chester, and 1-yr old golden retriever, Cody, at the Pfaefle homestead. Sleeping in the bed was a given and Jessy is adapting well to life on some acreage with doting parents (especially her stay at home dad) and her party buddy brother, Cody. We hope her pure joy for life can bring some comfort to Chester as he battles Cushings as gracefully as possible.

On May 11th, Rich met Penny in Tri-cities and swooped Jessy away to her new home in northeast WA. Diane & Rich, enjoy your bossy little girl. We hope she never looks back but do give her a hug once in a while from her friends and family in Utah & Idaho!

Jun 6 2011, Rich writes: Here's a picture of Jessy & Chester on "Chester's chair". I've been trying to get this for a while but every time I've tried one of them gets off. But, finally success. Jessy was first on the chair but Chester has decided he isn't going to let her have it so he's claiming some space too.

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