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Jesse is a 3-4 month old GSP mix puppy that can from a local shelter as a stray. Some person who thought they were funny used bleach to give her stripes on her head and a heart on her side - we were not amused. She landed in UT by way of great luck. Joan Smith in Boise works with the shelters and when no one came to claim this baby she called Penny in Boise who was on vacation in Yellowstone. Penny told her that we had a family in UT that had adopted from us before and wanted a second dog, a female, a puppy, and mix was fine but wanted a sporting breed dog. So Joan called me, I called Reed, Reed called Joan and the match was made in all of a couple of hours. Now the fate part of this is that Nancy Roberts with GSD rescue also lives in the same town as Reed and they had met at the vet's office they both use so she had met Calvin. Nancy was in Boise AND at Joan's house the day of the calls so baby Jesse had a ride the whole way, right to her new home.

Update: Megan says all is well with the new member of the family and that she is a sweet puppy. Reed says she is settling in with her human family and Calvin her brother V mix. Calvin loves to have someone to play with but he has less access to the full house than he had. This will last while she is getting trained since she follows him everywhere. Jesse was not treated nicely and is shy of some humans and especially men but she is learning and coming along.

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