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Gypsy was an unclaimed stray at a Boise area shelter and she had apparently been a regular visitor there. When we found her she was going a bit stir crazy from being in the shelter but she settled down nicely in the shelter yard and we knew there was a wonderful girl under the bouncing, barking wild redhead. We were on our way out of town so Jenny spent a fun week with our friends at Canyon Rim boarding and then came home for few more days of foster care. In early August she hopped in the car with Penny, Frank, Rusty and Lily for a trip to meet her new family (& more vizsla friends) at Sauvie Island in OR.

She found a patient and loving home with Jane & Steve who took her in knowing that she hadn't been out of the shelter long and might have some issues to work through. First step was a name change from Gypsy to Jenny since she would be leaving her vagabond life behind her. Jenny is settling in and learning that, when they leave for work, her humans will always come home, there will always be food, a warm couch and... most of all... a mom and dad to dote on her, take her for walks and trips to the beach. Cool it with the barking, Miss Jenny, and just enjoy the couch and the walks on the beach.

Dec 2010:Here’s a photo of Jenny, rescue class of 2004, at the beach last year. I was so moved by the photos you sent that I had to send something to say thanks again for helping our Jenny reach us. Jenny was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and had surgery a year ago. Earlier this year she had chemo. She’s doing well now, we are doting on her and she is more spoiled than ever before. She is still our Jumpin’ Jenny and she lives up to her nickname. We love it. Take care, and I was sorry to read about Frank’s passing. We will always remember that he was part of the team that helped bring Jenny to us. Jane and Steve, and Jenny

Dec 2012, Jane writes: Hope you are having a good holiday season and our Jenny sends a big woof! Well, actually, she still barks a lot in general but I have come to accept that as a sign of good health!

Apr 2015, Jane & Steve write: Our Jenny, rescue class of 2004, had been struggling with some health issues these last few months and at the end of March we had to say goodbye to her. The neighborhood squirrels and birds may be a little more relaxed on my walks but the house is way too quiet. She packed a lot of life in her almost 13 years and it is hard not to have her here. She was our Jumpin’ Jenny and was always exuberant. We are grateful that we knew her through your organization and that we had a chance to dote on her and try to keep up with her for more than a decade. Take care and give some hugs to your four-legged pals from us.

An added note about Jenny... I also wanted to pass along that Jenny is also a cancer survival story. She was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in 2009 and she had surgery and chemo. The prognosis of one to two years (from two cancer docs) wasn’t very encouraging since it was in soft tissue without a great margin for the surgery. But the little girl enjoyed six more years and her illness at the end was likely unrelated. I know you work with a lot of dog parents so I wanted to pass that along. We’re glad we did the treatment that we did. Please visit Jenny at The Bridge.

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