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On June 30, 1999 I received an email from a man in WY. He told me wanted to place his Vizsla Jeep into rescue because she nipped a child -- a first time event. Jeep was to be destroyed if we would not take her. The owners had invited guests on their boat and a 2 yo child was allowed to wander the boat. The last time anyone saw Jeep she was asleep at the bottom of the stairs below deck and then the child started screaming and said she was bitten and she had a small spot of blood on her lip.

Mike and Sue Kramer, who adopted Boris, agreed to go pick her up, evaluate her, and provide foster care. This proved to be quite a challenge. Jeep was trained to hunt and obedience trained but she was not friendly to Boris, who she did bite. Jeep had been put on drugs for spay incontinence and the Kramer's found her to be a psychologically strange V. At the advice of their vet, they took her off all drugs and she had no incontinence problems and her state of mind improved greatly. Jeep was also crated for long periods in her previous home which contributed to her problems.

We felt that a family with previous V experience, and no children or older children, and no other dogs would work. The Lyon family in Scottsdale, AZ were the perfect fit. They had lost their rescue V to a heart attack at a young age and they needed to fill the void and their 3 teenage boys needed a buddy to take swimming, camping, and playing in the park. So on August 17, Mike Kramer drove Jeep from Pinedale, WY to Las Vegas, NV and the Lyons drove from AZ to adopt her.

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