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Jazz was born March 16 and was purchased from a newspaper ad for $40 as a Brittany dad/lab mom. They had to goof on the lab and mom is a Vizsla. The woman who saw both parents said mom was a red lab with a really short coat and really skinny. He does have white on his chest but looks V in color, ears, face (shorter nose), and tail (natural with dews still on). The folks had him a week and their young children were scared of him. They took him to the Wasatch Humane shelter who luckily has one of the Vizsla Rescue Fund identification brochures. They called me immediately. Jazz is a bright energetic and fearless pup. He hit the ground running and amid 4 big dogs he had no fear. He will chase and play with balls, carry a huge bone, likes to chew sticks, and sleeps on your feet. He is sleeping in the crate at night right next to the bed and does great but he does not like to be in the crate during the day when people are around. He comes to a whistle so that must be how they were called as pups. We think Jazz will be 20-22 inches and 40-50 lbs as an adult. His hair is currently very short but might grow to be slightly longer than a typical V. Take a look at the info on the "assumed to be" sire's breed: www.brittany-spaniel-dogs.com

Update - On 6/8/03 Jazz made his trek up to WA to join his new family. Jazz will have another dog buddy, grandkids to visit and minature horses to keep him occupied. He will also have several fenced acres on which to stretch his legs. His new family has been in V's for many years and hunted over many other breeds so they can enjoy all of his characteristics.

Jazz has two special sponsors to thank -- the Satterwhite family who adopted Wiley in Oct 2001 and the Stuck family. William and his friend. Andrew Stuck, have birthdays just days apart. For their party this year they requested that donations be made instead of gifts being given to them. Their generous donation will help other dogs in need and we felt that since Jazz is thought to be the same mix as Wiley, he would be their perfect choice to sponsor. Thanks guys for having such big hearts and Jazz sends his best puppy kisses!!!

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