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Java came to us in September by way of the Salvation Army when Penny went to drop off a dresser and came home with a puppy! She was wandering alone on a busy road and no one knew where she belonged. We filed found puppy reports at area shelters, searched the paper and neighborhood for "lost puppy" notices for 30 days. She was the calmest, sweetest puppy we had ever seen.... easy to train, she would look you right in the eye for another command, crate trained almost overnight and stayed with her humans off lead from day #1. She definitely has no vizsla in her, apparently some black lab and perhaps a little beagle since she tends to bawl when she runs and she is small at about 30-lbs. She spent two months in foster care with the Klein family (where she changed her name from Tucker to Java) but with two puppies, an adult Golden, several cats, 3 kids, horses and a busy family she tended to get lost in the shuffle and on the last day of October she found what we think will truly be her forever home.

Lauren had already heard all about Java from Taylor at school and mom & dad agreed it was time for a puppy so when they heard she needed a home it seemed like the perfect match. Java now has a kid of her own, a couple of cats to keep her in line.... and there simply couldn't be an easier "first dog" than Java. Take care of our little "second hand dog" while she takes care of you!

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