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JAKEY (was Rusty)

Three-yr old "Rusty" was turned into a north Idaho animal shelter/pound two days after Christmas 2001 for being too hyper and was going to be put down after just two days! Angie, another breed rescue worker rescued him and on the last weekend of the year she made arrangements to foster him for a couple days until our volunteer could pick him up. Jay found him to be no more hyper (maybe even less) than any other Vizsla he had known and he had a good, sound temperament. He had some scars that indicated he might have fought with the male shorthair at a previous home but got along just fine with Jay's female doxie. He was also determined to have limited potential as a hunter. After being neutered and spending a few more days entertaining Jay & Janet while their Belle was away he caught a ride with Jay to Oregon where Penny picked him up and brought him to Boise. Carla and Dwight, having recently lost their old Vizsla boy to cancer, drove from central WY and were waiting when Penny and Rusty arrived.

He has a new name, "Jakey", and is younger brother to 5-yr old Addie, a pointer mix, who will surely run the show. As soon as Addie finishes telling him who is the boss she will show him the ropes and he should never want for exercise or love as there is plenty of land in Wyoming for hiking, running and skiing and plenty of hugs and kisses to go around!! (Thank you Angie for rescuing this beautiful boy and giving him a chance at a great life!)

Feb 2002 Carla writes: Here are some action shots of our new boy and his big sister. As you can see he's settling right in!

Dec 2002 - Jakey moved with his family from wild Wyoming to the big sky country of Montana this year and he and Addie have become fast friends. (new pix)

Dec 2011, Carla writes: I hope this finds you and all your kids and foster kids doing well. We are thinking of you this season as it will be 10 years on January 12th since Jakey adopted us as his forever family. We have cherished every moment we have with him and Addie. Attached are photos from adventures this past year. Both kids are still running strong... up to 4 miles a day. Addie had a couple of health scares this last year... vestibular neuritis and a trip to the ER with we think infection and/or heat stroke, but she has completely recovered and is doing better than any other 15 year old, and I donít know very many! Woof, woof!

Dec 2013: Hello Penny, It its with a very heavy heart that we write to you with the news that Jakey received his Angel Wings on December 5th. He had declined in health over the last few months, suffering from canine dementia and spinal stenosis. His sister Addie died suddenly of a hemangiosarcoma in March at age 16. In June, Dwight, Jakey and I journeyed to our new home in Portland OR. Jakey had some good times during these last 6 months; he even was able to see the ocean (with awe) for the first time in his life, but his heart was always in Montana. We took things one day at a time in recent months, and his last days at home were peaceful. We believe that he wanted to make it to his 15th birthday (which he did), and he got to supervise the decorating of one last Christmas tree. Losing Addie and Jakey is the end of an amazing and joyful time in our lives. The two of them had more adventures and happy times than most dogs could ever dream of! I wonder how many miles the two of them ran in their lifetimes...We hope to some day be able to share our love and adventures again with a new generation of Lucky Dogs. The one picture is from last week; the other is Jakey in his prime doing what he loved to do best, and the third is how we think of Jakey and Addie together now. (Visit Jakey at The Bridge.)

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