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Original story, Mar 2012: Jazz & Jake were surrended to a local shelter. Their crime? They were raised as house dogs but when one of their owners passed away, their living situation changed to rural unfenced acreage where they didn't like living in an outdoor kennel run and escaped. They are currently in north central WA and are looking for homes either together or separate. Both are happy outgoing vizslas and appear to be around 8 & 10-yrs old. While they would probably prefer to stay together they do not have to so please consider whether you can offer either one of them a home. (Note: Jake & Jazz are the sire & dam of Millie who is was placed through UT-ID Vizsla Rescue.

Aug 2012: Jake & Jazz found a home together in the greater Seattle area where they will be pampered, loved and appreciated for the great dogs they are. Their new family reports they can't believe how well mannered they are and they are even manageable with the family cat. Another example of one person's trash being someone else's treasure.

Thank you Claudia with Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue for believing in Jake & Jazz!

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