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Jan 2018, original story: Jake is an approx 5-yr old male who came to us as a shelter stray in Utah. He is a small boy at 45-lbs, tail docked, dews off. He has been neutered, has had a dental, vax updated and microchipped. He is good with dogs & people of all sizes & ages (loves kids) and crate trained. He has been to daycare and the dog park several times and is good with dogs of all sizes but not cats. We think he was probably a yard/kennel dog but he quickly figured out how cool couches are.
His faults - Jake is not a classically handsome boy. His head is square, nose too short, ears too short but no doubt he is a Vizsla, docked tail and dews off. He has some scars on him perhaps from field work. He was not neutered until we got him so he wanted to hump everything but that has pretty much disappeared since his neuter.
His good points - He is small at only 45 lbs. He has some cute personality traits starting to peek thru like he stretches out full on the floor with his legs behind him and crawls forward on his elbows. He also is playful in the yard when you clap hands and chase him. He loves to snuggle on the couch, rides well in the car, hunkers down and is not a ping pong ball. Great with people of all ages but NOT with cats. (Thank you to The House of Hounds in Boise for letting Jake come to daycare.

Mar 2018: I just wanted to let you know that Jake is doing amazing!! We've all fallen in love with him. I know he's more comfortable too because he's starting to explore more and pull stuff out of the garbage. He loves the recycling bin. He is walking on all the floors now - hard and linoleum. He goes up and down the wood stairs no problem. I still put him in his kennel at night but I can see that ending sooner than later. He loves to go up onto my daughter's bed to nap during the day. I still walk and/or run with him twice or more a day. He pulls a bit but not as bad as before. We bring him to the dog park but he doesn't want to play with other dogs. Lately, he has finally found a dog in the neighborhood that he plays with. We are slowly working on words of command and he's attended one obedience class so far. He knows sit, paw, stop and speak so far. I wish I knew more about his past and what happened to him. I keep having a feeling that someone still misses him. I am so glad we found him through your society! Here's some pics.

Nov 2019, Julie writes: Jake is still awesome! Everyone that sees him now (compared to 2 years ago) says that he looks happier and is more social. We love him to bits. He is also as healthy as everand we still wonder how old he really is. Some people think he's a puppy, even if he's gotten a lot greyer in the face and on the paws. I bought him a nice winter coat this year as he really doesn't like to be cold.

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