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Jake is a 3-yr old purebred vizsla (b. July 2002) in need of a new home due to his owner's allergies. He is a big boy at 26-inches and 75-lbs but has the most gentle temperament we have ever seen. His tail is docked a bit too short and he is likely a littermate to Vic who is also a gentle giant vizsla. Jake is quite timid in new situations but recovers quickly and is socially motivated. We think he may do best with another dog to show him the world doesn't need to be scary. Jake has been well-loved by his previous family and is good with older children (10-yrs and up), excellent with other dogs of all sizes but will need management with cats. Jake has had seizures which are under control but he will probably always need to be on medication for both seizures and hypothyroidism (estimated cost about $50/mo). Jake's sire and dam are Sir Duke Reddington and Cooper Riley's Sage.

Nov 2005: Shortly before heading to the Vizsla Nationals in Bakersfield we received an inquiry from a family in southern CA about Jake. After making a brief appearance at the Nationals in Bakersfield Jake went on an overnight visit with Kim, 4-yr old Paige and their 8-yr old vizsla, Otto. Everything went so well that he went home with Kim the next day and never looked back. Jake has three kids to call his own, someone is home almost all the time and Kim reports he is even bringing the puppy out in Otto again. Jake has traded the mountains and fir trees of Idaho for the cactus and beaches of sunny southern CA and we hope is having so much fun he will not miss his Idaho friends.

June 2007: Jake's buddy, Otto, lost his battle with cancer this spring and now Jake has a new puppy to train. Kim writes: Jake is happier now that he has a friend but does get annoyed with all the puppy behavior. I have heard a bunch of little growls from Jake letting the pup know who’s boss. I didn’t appreciate how easy it was for Jake to join our family. Oh, the work pups cause! We got the potty training down really good but all the chewing! AHHH!!!! Jake does love all the new toys we have in the house. He hides them from the pup so he cant get them! Oliver is very cute but we still miss Otto tons!

Note: We believe Jake is a litter mate to Victor based on Vic's estimated age and the fact that they look exactly alike, have the same unusally gentle temperament and short tail docks. we actually arranged for a meet and greet with the two of them before Jake left for CA and they were practically identical twins.

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