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Jake, formerly known as "red", came to UT/ID rescue along with 4 of his brothers when a local breeder was unable to sell them. He was born 6/19/02 to an AKC mom and dad. Jake was the one dog in the group that seemed rather quiet and reserved and we noticed a limp. He was taken in for his neuter and x-rays. His hips looked good but his knee is not 100% perfect so he may in fact have a slight limp. But once he was in foster care away from his pack, he improved greatly and developed into quite the little character. His new home in AZ has a nifty pool to swim in, a Scottie for a doggie buddy, a cat to scare him, and 2 kids to keep him busy. His new mom reports Jake is a wonderful dog that even both sets of grandparents think he is adorable. He is getting housetrained very quickly, has decided the cat might be fun, and he adores his dog buddy Divet. Jake is an amazing retriever who not only loves the chase but the family can stand in line and he will bring it back to the person who threw the ball or toy - so he is also a smart cookie to boot. Enjoy Jake and welcome to the wacky world of Vizsla owners.

Update June 2005: We moved to Georgia about a year ago and Jake now has a HUGE yard and a lake within a very short walk. He loves to swim in the lake and run on all the cart paths around our town. We have 90 miles of golf cart paths that he can run on. Thanks again... We really love Jake.

Jan 2010: We are sad to report that Jake passed away this month at just 7-1/2 yrs old. While far too short, we are happy that his entire life was filled with love. Teri writes "I just wanted to let you know that Jake died yesterday. It was really peaceful…our vet was amazing. He died snuggled up with us and he was so relaxed. Yesterday he got to go on a golf cart ride and played in the creek. He had gotten progressively worse. His poor nose was cracked and he struggled with his breathing. He could not really go for walks as his breathing got labored quickly. He pretty much slept almost around the clock the last couple of weeks. He was by far the best dog that I have ever had as part of my family. Thank you for giving us the chance to be with him. Everyone who met him fell in love with him! Even our vet tech was crying yesterday because Jake had such a magnetic personality."

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