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Original story: Spice is a 9-12 mo old stray who found herself at a county shelter that was over full and, with the holidays still ahead, she was taking up precious space needed for other dogs. (As hard as it is for many of us to comprehend, shelters often fill up during the holidays as people find pets inconvenient with busy holiday schedules.) Spice is likely a vizsla mix with an athletic build, short coat, self-colored eyes and pink nose. She is not quite 1-yr old and should fill out to about 45-lbs when full grown. She gets along with all the dogs in her foster home (male & female) and is good meeting dogs of all sizes. She wants to play with the cat and we consider her manageable with the right cat. She loves to be touching other dogs when she sleeps, not a barker, loves car rides and is eager to meet new people.

While staying with Duke, Todd & Erin, it was decided that the name Spice had to go and Jade matched the flash in her eyes and suited her personality much better so "Jade" it was!

May 2009: Jade turned on the charm when Luke & Jessie came to visit Duke & co. They don't make 'em much harder to resist than Jade. Try as they might, one week led to the next and before long it was obvious Luke & Jessie were no match for Jade's charm and character. It was a done deal and the cat is slowly coming to terms with the new girl in the house as well. She still gets to party with her buddy Duke, is learning lots in obedience class and we couldn't be happier for Jade's choice in a home!

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